SYSTEM OF ANNOTATION                                     CSL
Each word in the CSL is manually tagged for its grammaticall status. The system of annotation includes more than 2000 distinct grammatical forms. Each word in the CSL has defined entry, number of graphemes and syllables and phonological structure. The beginning and the end of a sentence and paragraph are also annotated. The system of coding was established by Prof. Đorđe Kostić and group of linguists in the mid fifties. In 1999 the system was updated and the changes will be applied in the near future. 
Example of the annotated text (old version)
Petar Petar i nom J mu 100111 5 2 CVCVC
biti je gl prez-s-perf 3l J mu 523111 2 1 CV
otići otišao gl rp-s-perf 3l J mu 522311 6 4 VCVCVV
u u pre 800000 1 1 V
škola školu i a J ž 100412 5 2 CCVCV
* Petar je otišao u školu. – Peter went to school.
*A - word entry, B - the original text, C – grammatical code, D - numeric grammatical code, E – number of graphemes, F – number of syllables, G – phonological structure.
* noun, gl verb, pre preposition, nom nominative, a accusative, prez  present tense, perf past tense, s as part of, 3l third person, J singular, mu masculine, ž feminine, rp -