Teodor Kračun:
Christ and the Samaritian (1780-1781)
The subsample of Serbian literature from the second half of the 19th century and the begining of the 19th century consists of 8,00000 words, compiled from complete works of Branko Radičević, Đura Jakšić, Marko Miljanov, Jovan Jovanović – Zmaj, Petar Petrović – Njegoš and one text of Laza Kostić. These authors are among the most prominent Serbian writers of the second half of the 19th century. All works that were included in the Corpus were supposed to be grammatically tagged in full. Unfotunatelly, due to the fact that in the early sixties the project had to be suspended, works of Jovan Jovanović – Zmaj and Petar Petrović – Njegoš were not 
grammatically tagged. For the works of Marko Miljanov and Branko Radičević frequency dictionaries have been compiled, so the original grammatically tagged text is no longer available. Thus, only the complete works of Đura Jakšić and the text of Laza Kostić were preserved as original and grammatically annotated. 
* The grammatically annotated writings of Đura Jakšić and frequency dictionaries of Branko Radičević and Marko Miljanov have been transfered into an electronic format. Currently we are working on lematization and proofreading of Jakšić's text, as well as on the transfer of Kostić's text into an electronic format. Although they are not grammatically tagged, our intention is to transfer works of Njegoš and Zmaj into an electronic format as well.
* It should be noted that the material of the respective authors included in the subsample was based on complete works that were available in the mid 1950's. In the meantime, new critical editions were published that contain parts that were not present in earlier editions.