SAMPLE                                                                    CSL
The Corpus of Serbian Language CSL is based on a sample of about 11,000000 words and is chronologically divided into five samples. The first four samples (about 4,000000 words) draw from the Serbian language from 12th to 20th century. The fifth sample includes contemporary language (about 7,000000 words).
12th to 17th century The sample includes writings of the most prominent authors from that period (e.g. Domentijan, Teodosije, Archbishop Danilo etc.) as well as the old Serbian charts and 
letters. The text is given in its original form and orthography (i.e. Serbian-Slavonic).
18th and the beginning of 19th century The sample includes writings of Milovan Vidaković, Gerasim Zeljić, Joakim Vujić and other authors from that period. The text is given in its original form and orthography.
Complete works of Vuk St. Karadžić: The sample is divided into several subsamples (Serbian national poems and stories, translation of the New Testament, the Serbian Dictionary. as well as his correspondence, linguistic, ethnological and historical studies).
Second half of the 19th century This includes complete works of Branko Radičević, Marko Miljanov, Petar Petrović-Njegoš, Jovan Jovanović-Zmaj and Đura Jakšić.
Contemporary language The sample is divided into six parts: a. novels and essays (140 books), b. poetry (204 books), c. daily press (“Politika”), d. scientific literature (116 books), e. political texts and f. texts of Belgrade surrealists.