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The sub sampe of political texts consists of ….. words. Due to political situation in Yugoslavia in the fifties the subsample is somewhat specific relative to other subsamples. With few excpetions, the majority of this subsample constitute writings and speeches of Josip Broz Tito, former president of Yugoslavia. As a consequence, it is unclear whether this sub sample represents langauge used in political communicatuion of that period. There are two reasons for such conlusion. The first is that almost 90% of the subsample is focused on a 

single author. The second reason is that the material has been proofread and conformed with literary standards. On the other hand, political speeches are usualy not written by politicians who read them. Therefore it could be argued with great certainty that the sub sample of Tito’s writings and speeches does not fully represent his language. In contrast, texts of Aleksandar Ranković and Vladimir Bakarić, at that time high officials of the Yugoslav Communist Party, could be considered to be more representative.

State of the material: The whole material is grammatically tagged. Part of the material was prepared for frequency dictionary compilation, which means that the original text is no more available. About 30% of the tagged material remained in its original form, with text being preserved. At this point the material is not available in the electronic format. We hope that in the near future the material will be transferred into electronic format.

The full list of books, as well as number of words for each book are given in the following table.

* column 1 - author, column 2 - title, column 3 - number of words
* The full references will be given in the next updating of the site