QDSLS                                                                         CSL
The QDSLS (Quantitative Description of Serbian Language Structure) is a project aimed at creating quantitative description of all aspects of Serbian language. The description includes probabilities of: a. Serbian phonemes and their co-occurrences as a function of word length and position in a word, b. syllables and syllabic combinations, c. word entries and grammatical forms for each entry and d. all Serbian grammatical forms. The above probabilities are computed separately for each diachronic segment to allow diachronic statistical studies of Serbian 
language. QDSLS is a joint project of the Institute for Experimental Phonetics and Speech Pathology and the Laboratory for Experimental Psychology, University of Belgrade. The basis for the QDSLS project is The Corpus of Serbian Language CSL. The final version of the QDSLS will be available both in print and in an electronic format and will be connected to the CSL as a series of probability matrices and frequency dictionaries. In the near future, we hope to assemble a team of linguists, statisticians, mathematicians and experts from related disciplines and start with a systematic statistical investigation of the Serbian language. The results of these investigations will be published in the QDSLS Report, a monthly publication that will be available on this site.